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Bitwig Studio: Tips and Tricks (1)

Now that Bitwig Studio is out for 3 Weeks, I see certain Questions pop up quite regularly on the Forums at KVR. While some Concepts in BWS are very similar to Ableton Live and other DAWs, others are new and/or somehow not so obvious or obscured by how People are … Continue reading

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Der Warenhäusler

Mist. Der Kaffee ist schon wieder alle! Also gut, Schlappen an und runter in die Lebensmittelabteilung. Hätte er auch gestern dran denken können, als er die Sachen für’s Abendessen geholt hatte… 4 Rolltreppen oder den Lift? Der Lift war ganz am anderen Ende der Etage und irgendwie muffig. Also die … Continue reading

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Bitwig Studio Tutorial 3:
Separate Midi Channels

In this Tutorial I want to explain how you can create separate Midi Channel Inputs for your Controller and also go over some basic concepts. As an example I use a Script I created for the use with the CopperLan Virtual Midi Cables VMidi1 and VMidi2. I needed separate Midi … Continue reading

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Bitwig Studio Tutorial 2:
Autodetect Controllers

Bitwigs Controller API can auto-detect Devices based on the names of their USB connections. So instead of selecting your Devices from the manual dropdown, you just press the auto-detection button in Preferences and your Controllers get added to the list and connected to the correct USB ports.

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Bitwig Studio Tutorial 1:
How to create named Controllers.

5 Days ago Bitwig Studio was finally released after many years of development. It is a great Audio Application for Creative Music Making with some similarities to Ableton Live, but enough new concepts of it’s own to set it apart.

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